The best place to enjoy your life

ART88 resort is welcoming you to where you can experience authentic nomads setting and a balance of comfortable living.

ART88 Resort is a new four star resort situated at the Khuvsgul lake Mongolia, close to Khuvsgul lake where guest can witness the most beautiful and inspiring sunsets. A stylish and romantic resort, ART88 Resort is newest destination and ensures an truly memorable start for your new life. 
The resort features beautifully landscaped Northern Mongolia that create paradise to enjoy together.
Khuvsgul province is  known as Mongolian Switzerland.
ART88 built on the beautiful cape of the north bay of Lake Khuvsgul, surrounded by majestic Khangai Mountains. The camp is running its business since 2016.

We are proud of our friendly service, quality food, enthusiastic management and motivated team.


Large Bed

Large double bed will make your sleep sound and refreshing.

Free Wi-Fi

Our guests can use Wi-Fi for free throughout the hotel territory.

Air Conditioning

Large double bed will make your sleep sound and refreshing.

Private Bathroom

Private bathroom and toilets are to your service, no additional payment is required

Free Mini-bar

Mini-bar is refilled with soft drinks and snacks every day.

Sofa Available

Use a comfortable sofa if you just want to relax for a short period of time.

Our Philosophy

A visitor is a king for each employee of this hotel. You deserve the best comfort - a well-designed and silent room with a comfy bed. Is that you need, visiting any hotel? Right? So that’s exactly what we bring to those who come to us.

We have only one simple rule - do everything for a visitor you host! These words know every employee of our hotel. We love what we do, we do it perfectly and enjoy helping people feel themselves like home.

Our Mission

The mission of our hospitality business is changing the industry forever with new technologies and totally new perspective on the hotel business. We want you to feel satisfied during all time of your staying that’s why we are always in touch with the visitors of our hotel. You can contact us anytime via our website and ask for advice, make a suggestion and describe any other issue.

The mission of our staff and management is providing top class service to the visitors of our resort and all over the network. The total amount of our hospitality establishments is growing each year. Every place is unique, where each person can find something for oneself.


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